Rosemary Wickham, FCAS, MAAA

Director and Consulting Actuary


  • Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society
  • Member of the American Academy of Actuaries


  • B.S., Applied Mathematics, concentration in Actuarial Sciences
    Appalachian State University

Rosemary Wickham has been in the actuarial field since 1991.  Her experience has been primarily as a consultant, and includes the following:

  • Development of rates structures and rates, and annual renewal rate studies for captives, risk retention group, insurance agencies and self-insurance trusts.
  • Evaluations of self-insured funding levels.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and financial projections for captives, risk retention groups, self-insurance trusts, and insurance companies.
  • Preparation of actuarial reports and statements of opinion for various insurance companies and self-insured entities.
  • Financial Examination Assistance for state insurance departments, encompassing all aspects of the examination process.
  • Development and implementation of actuarial databases for monitoring reserves and rates.
  • Actuarial assistance to companies, regulators, captive managers and attorneys during captive application process and subsequent to captive formation.
  • Preparation of Statutory Annual Statement Schedule P for insurance companies. Involvement has included reconciliation of general ledger to company database and to the actuarial report, and assistance to the client’s independent auditors.
  • Assisted on actuarial projections used in professional testimony related to a liquidated self-insurance fund, including database analysis.
  • Reviews of rate filings for state insurance departments. Issues reviewed include compliance with state insurance regulations, review of actuarial support and actuarial judgment used in rate indications, and review of calculations.

The People Behind Davies: Interview with Rosemary Wickham, Director and Consulting Actuary