Ning Li



  • M.A., Linguistics/Translation and Interpretation
    Xiamen University
  • B.A., English/International Business and Trade
    Yantai University

Ning Li joined Merlinos in 2019, and she has provided assistance on numerous actuarial projects.  She is currently pursuing a Fellowship designation from the Society of Actuaries.  Her experience includes:

  • Creating visualizations for impact analyses of automobile rating manual factors.
  • Assisting with reserve exhibits for self-insured funding studies.
  • Assisting with coastal property rating models and distance-to-coast factor analyses.
  • Assisting with analyses of rating model run outputs and investigation of output inconsistencies.
  • Internship at Munich American Reassurance Company, where she:
    • Supported central reporting team with financial projections and annual reporting.
    • Performed reserve recalculations and provided requested documents for external auditors.
    • Maintained and updated actuarial models for projections and evaluations.
    • Validated data and updated assumptions for GGY Axis model creation.