Our consultants have developed and presented training sessions to several state insurance regulatory agencies over the past 10 years.  Our training has primarily been focused on helping state regulators better understand best practices in rate filing reviews containing complex models and financial examinations, and giving them additional tools to apply to their own analysis of insurance companies and the products those companies sell.  These training sessions have been individually designed to aid in training at various levels of the regulatory organizations from desk analysts to lead actuaries.  In some cases, our work with a regulator has resulted in that insurance department adopting our methodology, such as a particular state that now uses our approach to analyzing reinsurance.  Some examples of our recent work include:

State Insurance Regulators

  • December 2020 / Signs of a Troubled P&C Company
  • September 2018 / Generalized Linear Model Reviews
  • January 2018 / Health Rate Filing Reviews
  • May 2017 / Own Risk Solvency Assessment
  • April 2017 / Financial Examinations
  • June 2015 / Catastrophe Models; GLMs and Other Predictive Models
  • November 2016 / Financial Surveillance
  • October 2016 / GLMs and Other Predictive Models
  • October 2016 / Risk-Focused Examinations
  • December 2015 / Vendor Risks on Examinations
  • October 2015 / Financial Examinations

Insurance Regulatory Associations & Groups

  • Demystifying Data Usage (National Association of Insurance Commissioners, May 2017)
  • Reinsurance Risk Transfer (National Association of Insurance Commissioners, May 2017)
  • Vendor Risks (National Association of Insurance Commissioners, May 2016)
  • Sinkholes (Southeastern Regulators Association, September 2013)
  • Predictive Analytics (Southeastern Regulators Association, September 2013)
  • Risk-Focused Examinations (Society of Financial Examiners, July 2013)
  • Risk Transfer (Society of Financial Examiners, July 2012)

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