State Filings

Our experienced consultants bring extensive state filing knowledge to your project.  Whether you wish to implement a new product or expand into new territories, we will get you approved. Our team facilitates the SERFF filing process from submission to approval of each rate, rule and form filing.

Our state filing strategy is always customized to your exact needs. In addition to our state filing experts, Merlinos & Associates has an extremely talented pool of actuaries and insurance product development consultants on hand. We are  ready to provide rating assistance or help develop a new product from idea to implementation.

In addition to the service outlined above, we specialize in:

  • Countrywide rollouts
  • Expansion into states with challenging regulatory environments
  • Florida Insurance Regulation Filing System

Regulatory Compliance

The insurance industry is highly regulated. Let our insurance subject matter experts ensure your product always adheres to the changing insurance atmosphere. Our consultants stay up to date on changes in regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions so we can give our clients the best experience and get filings approved fast.

Our Product Development and Compliance Group has experienced much success serving as a liaison between regulators and clients due to our trusted position in the industry. We have developed long-term relationships with many Departments of Insurance through 30+ years of actuarial services. These relationships allow us another layer of support in regulatory and filing endeavors.

In addition to the service outlined above, we help with:

  • Bureau Monitoring  
  • State Filing Objections
  • Data Calls

Product Development and Management

Learn more about our product development and management services.

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