Our consultants are very familiar with the many facets of the reinsurance industry.  Providing reviews and opinions on reserve valuation, reinsurance assumed and/or ceded, reinsurance contracts/related documents are part and parcel of our actuarial consulting.  Some highlights of our reinsurance work include:

  • Evaluating reinsurance issues as part of our insurance company examination assistance.
    • Reviewing the assumptions underlying credits to reserves for reinsurance.
    • Verifying whether assumptions are consistent with reinsurance treaties.
    • Commenting on the collectability of ceded reserves.
  • Analyzing reinsurance contracts for sufficient risk transfer for reinsurance accounting treatment.
  • Estimating the impact on reinsurance ceding commissions based on ultimate treaty loss experience.
  • Reinsurance structure recommendations for insurance company clients, including decisions on levels and types of reinsurance to purchase as well as share percentages and retentions.
  • Working with reinsurance intermediaries to assist in the development of reinsurance programs for various ceding companies and in acquiring reinsurance support for agency-controlled blocks of business.
  • Opining on reinsurance issues in the course of expert testimony.
  • Assisting with commutations for insurance company clients and regulators related to companies in supervision and receivership.
  • Providing forensic accounting and audit support work in which we have discovered incorrect rating of large policies and proof that reinsurance contracts do not transfer sufficient risk for reinsurance accounting treatment.
  • Developed reinsurance rating software for a reinsurance client, and provided them specific treaty account pricing and underwriting for new submissions and renewals.

In addition, our clients benefit from the expertise brought to our firm by our consultants who worked in the reinsurance industry before joining Merlinos:

  • David Shepherd, one of our firm principals, is the former Executive Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer, and Chief Actuary for a reinsurance Managing General Underwriter. Before that, he spent five years with National Reinsurance as a casualty facultative underwriter and then three more as a credentialed actuary in the corporate actuarial department.  Mr. Shepherd was also an integral part of a client being one of the first U.S. reinsurers that entered the Argentinian workers’ compensation market as it was being privatized.