Our consultants have provided pricing, rate & form filing, and compliance assistance to insurance companies, managing general agencies, residual market entities, captives, and other risk-bearing entities for more than 20 years.  We have provided pricing and rate filing consultation to more than 50 insurance companies, including start-ups and MGAs.  We have experience submitting rate and forms filings in all 50 states.  For this crucial part of insurance product development, we combine our deep understanding of the actuarial components necessary to properly price risk products with a strong business sense so that we never lose sight of the importance of assisting you in meeting your company’s growth and profitability goals.  We also rely on our experience working with and for regulators to help our clients successfully and efficiently meet their regulatory hurdles. 


  • We work as a team with the filing Company. Our goal is to treat each filing as if it were one submitted on our behalf and provide guidance to the Company as to how to complete each process outlined in the prior section.
  • Review all documents provided by the Company and make recommendations when we notice items that may cause issues with state regulators.
  • We have direct relationships with regulators in many jurisdictions, so we understand what their concerns are, how to overcome them, and how to reach them if additional clarification is needed.
  • Continual tracking of each filing submission and objection letter to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • We can provide full level of service, addressing all items needing completion in the prior section. Alternatively, we are able to assist insurance companies that have the internal resources needed to complete the outlined process and perform any step in isolation of the remaining.
  • We can perform edits to any forms and/or provide recommendations for those edits, if needed, based on regulator objections.

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