Getting rate filings approved in the state of Florida can be difficult.  A large percentage of the property and casualty rate and rule filings that are submitted are withdrawn or disapproved, especially filings related to commercial lines of insurance.  Your company puts a lot of time and effort into its rate filings, so it is important that your efforts produce a successful result.  Our consultants are experts with strong actuarial skills, product management knowledge, and insurance understanding.  We have a successful track record of using our expertise to help insurance companies in all facets of their operations.  In addition, our staff has excellent relationships with insurance regulatory personnel across numerous states, including Florida.  These relationships, cultivated over years of working closely with state insurance departments, allow us to guide our clients through the maze of regulatory requirements. We combine our actuarial skills and extensive regulatory experience with our fluency in the I-File filing system used by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) to help insurance companies successfully negotiate the I-File process.  We focus on coherence, clarity, compliance, and completeness to help our clients:

  • Avoid disapproved and withdrawn filings
  • Reduce legislative compliance issues
  • Increase your speed to market

Nationwide, our consultants have reviewed and prepared more than 10,000 rate filings that have spanned virtually all lines of business.  We provide our expertise to complement your company’s pricing and/or actuarial staff.  If your company does not have the internal resources, we can review your company’s proposed rates, make recommendations, and submit your filing through the I-File system. Many Florida rate filings require an actuarial opinion to accompany the submissions.  Merlinos & Associates has a staff of move than 40 actuarial professionals, ready to assist with actuarial opinions and rate filing certifications.  Our staff has worked in the Florida marketplace for more than 25 years, developing programs and rating support acceptable to OIR actuaries and management, and we are ready to help your company.

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