Our core work since the inception of our firm in 1988 is providing reserve analyses and Actuarial Statements of Opinion on loss reserves. 

Merlinos & Associates is in the top 10 of U.S. P&C actuarial consulting firms based on the number of clients for whom we provide Statements of Actuarial Opinion and in the total amount of loss reserves our Opinion clients carry on their financial statements.  Currently, our consultants provide more than 90 NAIC statutory Statements of Actuarial Opinion and supporting Actuarial Reports as well as more than 50 reserve opinions and/or analyses for non-NAIC captives, self-insured groups, and individual self-insureds.

In addition, we review Opinions and supporting reserve analyses for reasonable assumptions and selections as well as compliance with regulations in virtually every financial examination with which we assist.  We have assisted on hundreds of financial examinations related to insurance companies.  Our financial examination experience on behalf of state insurance regulators allows us to provide expertise and assistance to our Opinion clients as they go through the examination process, and it provides our firm insights into best practices and the full spectrum of methods and assumptions employed by reserving actuaries across the industry. 

This broad exposure to the reserving world is not something that is available to many actuaries, and it provides our consultants a unique and informed perspective as we assist our Opinion clients.


Mark Brannon