As advances are made in science, technology, and medicine — and as state governments have changed their laws regarding marijuana and hemp — numerous risks have emerged that have impacted the insurance industry.  And it is inevitable that advances in these fields – as well as legal decisions, policy changes, and societal trends – will lead to new exposures still to be uncovered. 

Merlinos & Associates provides expert consulting on new and emerging risks – such as cyber liability and cannabis insurance — many of which are difficult to insure through traditional means.  Our work includes risk transfer analysis, pricing, and consulting to entities insuring their exposures outside of traditional insurance (such as captive insurance) and to traditional insurance carriers developing programs focused on these emerging areas.

Cannabis Insurance

Our consultants regularly assist in the loss cost and rate factor development for cannabis insurance products in both the admitted and surplus lines markets as well as to alternative risk transfer mechanisms such as captive insurance companies.

Our consultants played a crucial role in the development of the CannaBOP product offered by AAIS by analyzing market exposures and developing rating guidelines specific to the cannabis industry. CannaBOP provides a package policy containing both property and liability coverage for qualifying cannabis dispensaries, storage facilities, distributors, processors, manufacturers, and private cannabis testing facilities and laboratories.

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For more information about cannabis insurance and other emerging risks, please contact Mark Brannon, 678.684.4843