We have substantial experience providing actuarial consulting as part of due diligence teams in estimating loss reserves, assessing the future results of existing books of business, and recommending rate structures to increase profitability.  Our role typically includes:

  • Reviewing strength of loss reserves.
  • Reviewing quality of earnings.
  • Assessing strength of the pricing and ratemaking process.
  • Assessing the strength, quality, and robustness of reinsurance programs.
  • Assisting with the quality assessment of unearned premium reserves, agent balances, reinsurance collectability, reinsurance ceding commissions, and asbestos & environmental and other mass tort reserves.
  • Reviewing the quality of management reports for actuarial monitoring of rates and reserves.
  • Providing observations on macroeconomic factors and impact on future company growth and earnings.
  • Reviewing agency profitability results.