Merlinos has extensive experience providing consulting services to various municipalities and similar entities that self-insure their workers’ compensation, general liability, automobile liability, and other exposures.

  • Cities and Counties
  • Colleges and Universities
  • County Commission Associations
  • Health Systems
  • Higher Education Associations
  • Municipal Organizations & Trusts
  • Not-for-Profit Groups
  • Private Corporations
  • Public School Systems & Consortiums
  • Public Utility Systems
  • Trade Associations & Groups
  • Transit Authorities

Experience with Liability Analysis of Self-Insured Entities

entities, including public entities such as municipalities, pooled funds, and private sector clients.  This assistance has included funds which cover the full range of traditional exposures and also funds of varying sizes, from very large funds covering a wide variety of exposures for many clients, to funds covering specific exposures to smaller clients.  In addition, our consultants provide our clients with a wide variety of services, including end-of-year required reserve analysis, quarterly projections of liabilities, payment estimates, and estimates for discounted reserves.  We also understand state-level self-insurance actuarial requirements such as those described in Florida Statute 112.08 and California SB 863. 

Experience with Funding/Rating Analysis of Self-Insured Entities

Merlinos also has experience providing rating and/or funding analyses for self-insured entities and similar mechanisms.  In the course of our analyses, we have created rate indications, rating classification studies, advanced ratemaking (including experience rating and schedule rating), and analysis of impact of tort reform on rates.

Experience with Applicable Lines of Business

Our consultants have broad reserving, pricing, and expanded consulting experience across virtually every type of insurance exposure.  Our work for self-insured entities has included analyses of the following types of exposures:

  • Automobile
  • Employment Practices
  • Errors and Omissions
  • General Liability
  • Health
  • Law Enforcement
  • Non-Occupational Disability
  • Property
  • Workers’ Compensation

Experience with Governmental Entities

Our extensive municipal/public entity experience gives us a comprehensive understanding of GASB requirements as well as unique issues faced by governmental entities.  We have provided consulting services to public entities in numerous states.

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