M&A Attends Society of Actuaries Meetings in New Orleans

M&A’s Mark Brannon will be attending Society of Actuaries (SOA) meetings in New Orleans June 12-15.

Medical School for Actuaries, June 12

Medical school for actuaries will address a key piece of feedback gleaned from the SOA’s untapped opportunities market research: Actuaries can better compete with other health care professionals when they enhance their health care expertise with clinical knowledge. The session will move actuaries away from looking only at cost/utilization and investigate the underlying clinical causes of those cost and utilization patterns by investigating the medical and pharmaceutical science behind many of the most impactful diseases and chronic conditions in the health care system.

2012 Health Meeting, June 13-15

Expect top-notch speakers giving great tips and insight on presentation skills—plenty of networking events and the opportunity to earn lots of CPD credit. Sessions will cover a huge range of important topics, from the latest on health care reform, new medical trend drivers and disability reinsurance to insurance pricing, analytics and complexity science

If you are going to be in New Orleans, let us know — Mark would like to say hello.