Supreme Court to Decide on Health Care This Week

It appears that the fate of key components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be decided this Thursday, June 28, when the U.S. Supreme Court issues its ruling on constitutionality of the PPACA.

Speculation abounds, and there are more than just two possible outcomes.

Of course, the Court may decide that the law is Constitutional in its entirety.  If upheld, Republican leaders have expressed their intention to repeal the law after the upcoming elections if they are able.  The other extreme is that the Court strikes down the law in its entirety, potentially rendering much of what the health care industry and state governments have done to comply so far for naught.

Another possibility is that the Court strikes down the individual mandate (which requires most people to purchase health care insurance), leaving the rest of the legislation in place.  Leaving in place the provisions that prevent insurers from rejecting customers, and that place limitations on charging premiums that are based on health status, could be very difficult for insurers.  The administration understands this, and has contended that the mandate cannot be separated from those two provisions.  The Court could accept their contention, and strike down all three provisions, leaving the remainder of the bill to stand.

What’s your opinion, will the bill be upheld?  If not, will some provisions be left to stand?  Let us know what you think.