What is an actuary?

The future is uncertain and full of risk. Risk is the chance that an undesirable event will occur, but risk is also opportunity. That’s where we come in. Actuaries are experts in:

  • Evaluating the likelihood of future events—using numbers, not crystal balls.
  • Designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events.
  • Decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur.

We are the leading professionals in finding ways to manage risk. It takes a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behavior to manage today’s complex risks facing our society.

We’re key players on the management team of companies that deal with risk. In a fast-changing world, with emerging risks and the need for more creative ways to tackle them, there are constant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We are the analytical backbone of our society’s financial security programs. We are the brains behind the financial safeguards in our personal lives, so we can go about our day without worrying too much about what the future may hold for us. 


Who needs an actuary?

If the success of your operation depends on the realistic evaluation of future events that are likely but uncertain you need an actuary.

What do we do?

Insurance is a risk business which is required to price its product before it knows what its costs will be. Actuaries analyze the current financial implications of future contingent events and use past loss data are used to develop present rates that must be adequate to pay future losses.

Who are our clients?

We provide expert insurance and risk advice to insurance carriers, reinsurance companies, state insurance regulators, captive insurers, risk retention groups, law firms, audit firms, brokers, MGAs, PEOs, municipalities, self-insured entities, private equity firms, and many, many more.

How to contact us? 

Where are we located?

We are located in the metropolitan Atlanta area at the “Summit at Peachtree Parkway” building: 5550 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 600, Peachtree Corners, GA, 30092