Property, Casualty, and Health Actuarial Consulting Services

At Merlinos & Associates, our goal is to provide our clients with expert solutions to their most challenging risk and insurance problems. Our distinguished reputation stems from our commitment to the success of our clients.

Merlinos & Associates is the second largest independent actuarial firm in the United States.  We provide property, casualty, health, and disability actuarial consulting to clients in the U.S. and internationally.

Proactive…Our actuarial consultants are proactive in understanding our clients’ business and take a genuine interest in their future. Our integrity, loyalty, and reliability have enabled us to develop and sustain lasting relationships and an extraordinary client retention rate. We remain committed to this approach.

Responsive…We combine the responsiveness, accessibility, and attentiveness of smaller firms with a breadth and depth of experience that rivals firms of any size. Our clients often have unique circumstances and our experience in working with them has given us a diverse array of experience with almost all property & casualty risks.   With so much talent and experience in one office, we have the unique ability to tackle the most difficult problems or situations, no matter how challenging, with unmatched effectiveness and efficiency.

Interactive…Many of our clients consider us as part of their management team. We take into account financial, underwriting, and marketing concerns to provide practical and effective advice outside of the traditional actuarial role. Our clients apply this advice to critical management decisions. We pride ourselves on being second to none in our responsiveness, the quality of our work, and the day to day value that we provide to our clients.

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